Heavy Construction Contractors Association
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9251 Industrial Court, 201
Manassas, VA  20109
(703) 392-7410


Membership Committee

Conceptualizes and evaluates opportunities to bring new members into the association. This committee proactively engages in outreach to potential new member firms. Focusing on collaboration within the membership, this committee looks for new ways HCCA can add value across the industry.


Jim Tracy, Chair (William A. Hazel)
Ron Gardner, Total Development Solutio

Steven Brown (Traffic Safety Supplies)
Debora Harvey (HCCA)
Tim Gimple (ADS)

Janie Herdman (Bluebook)
Ashley Hutson (HCCA)
Randy Reid (Luck Stone)
Chad Mozingo (Fortiline Waterworks)
Glenn Kauffman (The Kauffman Group)
Rafael Gonzales (Rinker Materials)
Jim Krieder 
(Branch Civil)
Liane Bollinger (HN Hunkhouser)
Nick Austin (Scott Insurance)