Heavy Construction Contractors Association
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Committees & Members

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HCCA Standing Committees
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Development & Infrastructure Group (DIG Committee)
David Branscome, Board Liaison (Branscome Paving)
Justin Campbell, Chair  (Branch Civil)
David Yergin-Donniger,  (WG Construction)
Roy Beckner (S.W. Rodgers)
Peter Compher (Luck Stone)
Virginia Finley (Volkert)
Abe Ismael (Luck Stone)
David White(Superior Paving)
Greg Smith(Shirley Contracting)
John D. (Jay) Lawson (Arlington County)
Dennis Showalter (Insight)
Danny Funderburk (William A. Hazel)
Jeff Kauffman, (The Kauffman Group)
Steve Bradley (Waterworks Supply)
Ken Garrison (HCCA)
Mike Horrell (Lane Construction)
Ashley Hutson (HCCA)
Jeff Tan (Terracon)
Jim Krieder
(Branch Civil)

Education Committee
Ken Garrison, Chair (HCCA)
Michael Trabucco, Board Liaison
(Shirley Contracting)
Virginia Finley (Volkert)
Ari Henrique (HCCA)
Ashley Hutson (HCCA)
Bob Myers (Allan Myers)

Golf Committee
Stefani Smith, Co-Chair (FO Day)
Kathleen Koehler, Co-Chair (Brown and Brown)
Lewis Lee,  (Luck Stone)
Kelly Cordle (Superior Paving)
Ken Garrison (HCCA)
Glenn Kauffman (The Kauffman Group)
Jenna Long (Utilities Unlimited)
Ashley Hutson (HCCA)
Steve Vaughn (Chantilly Crushed Stone, Inc.)
Eric Hilbeath (Terra Site Constructors)
Brian Chase (Rice Tire)
Heather Spence (Shirley Contracting)
Brian Bathras (Colonial Teltek)
Ron Patrick (LCS Site Services)
Lon McNeil (Virginia Paving Company)
Rafael Gonzales (Rinker Pipe)

Health and Wellness Committee - Meet when required
Meghan Meyers Chair (Luck Stone)
T. J. Rodgers, Board Liasion (S. W. Rodgers)
Kris Bishop (Richmark)
Ryan Metheny (Anderson Company)
Ken Garrison (HCCA)
Jack Groseclose (Assurance Agency)
Robert Johnson (Shirley Contracting)
Kathleen Koehler (Brown and Brown Insurance)
Martha Lujan Pauley (Superior Paving)
Cody Reeves (Vulcan Materials)
Ryan Smith (Ferguson)

Danny Funderburk (William A. Hazel)
Matt Hopke (W.B. Hopke)

Infrastructure Awards Committee 
Denny Showalter, Chair (Insight)
Mark Oetjen, Board Liaison (Utilities Unlimited)
James W. DeVerna (Superior Paving)
Ken Garrison (HCCA)
Dayrell Schneider (Utilities Unlimited LLC)
Bob Myers (Allan Myers)
David Stocks Jr. (Anchor Construction)
Mathew Pallo (BB&T)
Stas Cynkar (RES)
Mark Rodenburg (Total Development Solutions)

Membership/Public Relations Committee 
Jim Tracy, Chair (William A. Hazel)
Ron Gardner, Board Liaison
(William A. Hazel)
Steven Brown (Traffic Safety Supplies)
Ken Garrison (HCCA)
Tim Gimple (ADS)

Janie Herdman (Bluebook)
Ashley Hutson (HCCA)
Randy Reid (Luck Stone)
Danny Funderburk (William A. Hazel)
Chad Mozingo (Fortiline Waterworks)
Glenn Kauffman (The Kauffman Group)
Rafael Gonzales (Rinker Materials)
Jim Krieder 
(Branch Civil)
Liane Bollinger (HN Hunkhouser)

Safety, Trucking and Miss Utility Committee 
Todd Atkins, Co-Chair (Superior Paving)
Robby Oliff, Co-Chair (Virginia Paving Company)
Glenn Kauffman, (The Kauffman Group)
Luis Aleman (The Anderson Company)

Steven Brown (Traffic Safety Supplies)
Patrick Doering (The Anderson Company)
Ken Garrison (HCCA)

Ashley Hutson (HCCA)
Gary Elliot (Traffic Safety Supplies)
Chris Mabe (B&B Signal)
Luis Sanchez  (William A. Hazel)
Chad Frederick (Total Development Solutions)
Hammad Asad (Allan Myers)
Miles Perdue (Quality Pipe Cleaning)
Mark Daniels (Virginia Paving Company)
Brian Perry (Allan Myers)
Hector Sealy (Fort Myer Construction)
Bruce Ordway (Payne's Parking Designs)
Robert Zarn (Kelvic Construction)
Dennis Clarken (HWP Insurance)
Stephanie Pipkin (Virginia Paving)

*NEW* Women In Construction
Megan Meyers (Board Liason)