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Training Calendar

At this time we are not holding any training classes.  We are in the process of creating video conference classes and will post dates and times as soon as we have that process in place. (Updated 3/24/20)




Welcome to the Heavy Construction Contractors Association (HCCA) Safety Training Program. The HCCA Safety Training Calendar(link above) includes all of our regularly scheduled courses, and we offer custom courses to suit your schedule & individual company needs. HCCA offers wide selection of training courses and certifications. For training requirements Click Here and for pricing, Click Here.

HCCA courses are available in ENGLISH, SPANISH and PORTUGUESE with our in-house trainer, Ari Henrique (HCCA Director of Safety & Training).

To register for all courses, please complete & submit the HCCA Training Registration Form.



Custom Course scheduling is built to accommodate your company's schedule, the certification/training needed, and your choice of location.

HCCA will schedule a custom course with your choice of dates at the HCCA office with a minimum of 5 attendees per course.

To hold a class at a location of your choice there is a minimum of 10 attendees per course.  Lunch is not provided for locations other than the HCCA office.  Dates contingent upon trainer availability.


To schedule a CUSTOM COURSE, please contact Ari Henrique ahenrique@hcca.net or training@hcca.net.